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Saturday, October 6, 2012

New website for techimperial.com: Coming soon!

Due to the high increase in traffic and overall popularity of this blog, the administrator has decided to take it to the next level with a whole community based system. This will allow the website and community to grow if it would like to, a place for people to discuss certain technical how-tos or just to bring you all more content.

I am happy to say that this couldn't have happened if it wasn't for all of you, my dear visitors! See you all soon ;) When the next website becomes live, it will have the same look and feel, but it will be on a system that will be easier for you to be a part of and join as well as making it easier for me to manage, plus a whole lot more control.

Regards, iPollesion

Sneak Peak:

Be sure to check back within the week...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Easily Make Google Chrome Canary the Default Web Browser

How to Make the Default Browser Chrome Canary

As the web evolves so do our web browsers. Being a technical individual and always keeping up with the latest technologies I decided to move on from Firefox as Google Chrome has finally left a mark with the Chrome Web Store. This means that almost all the same plugins/addons that are available for Firefox are now available for Chrome.

The speed of Chrome Canary is really swift and it's hardly surpassed with it's quick functionality and synchronized browsing. Knowing all of these facts, I wanted to make Google Chrome Canary my default web browser, so I went into Canary's settings and this is what I saw...

As an experienced user, I looked this up on Google's support forums and the engineers at Google said they will not be fixing this, so since Google won't do it, I decided to. Download and run the file below and on your Windows OS to set Google Chrome Canary as the default web browser system wide for your user account. There are no further steps to take after executing the application, it will do all the magic, you can always change your default browser later on if you'd like.

Note: This application will only work on Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Windows Phone 7 Stock Sounds Ringtones, Alerts, Alarms and Notifications Download

Windows Phone 7 Sounds Stock and iPhone formats

Ever since I previewed the Windows Phone 7 OS through a friend, I was intrigued, being an iPhone user on iOS 5.1.1. I liked the appeal of the Windows Phone 7 GUI, I feel like the functionality still has a long way to go before I truly decide to use it over the iPhone, the interface is great though. You won't really find these audio files anywhere at this time. I looked into the Windows Phone 7 SDK and I own a copy of the mobile OS, I decided I would make myself these backups in the cloud.

These files are respectively copyrighted by their creators, authors, and composers. I have not modified them in any way so they are completely stock and legitimate. I will have to say, that one of the main features that Windows Phone 7 OS brings to the table is use of audio, the sounds are unique and are much more simplistic yet elegant to the ears. Check them out, maybe you'll be convinced to pick up a copy of Windows Phone 7 today.

Note: The first link has the default formats provided in the Stock WP7 ROM and in the second link there is the M4R versions for use in iTunes under Tones.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Find Large Files in Other on iTunes, Other Files in iPhone, iPad, iPod and iOS

iTunes Other on iOS device, large unknown files.

Find Other Large Files in iTunes on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Gawk

After upgrading your device to a new iOS or even after just downloading too many Cydia tweaks or Apps, you notice that when you plug in your device to iTunes you see a whopping amout of hard disk space being taken up as "Other" in iTunes and the only problem is: You have no way of finding out exactly what these large Other files are!

Fret no more, we will explore the world of terminal commands on a jailbroken iOS, this guide will show you how to make an automatic list of all unimportant files larger than 20 megabytes and their location in a sorted list format. Of course you can edit the 20 megabytes part to whichever number you would like.

Note: Below is the default location where the output "files.txt" will be located that you will create using this guide on iOS (your jailbroken device) and below that is the Gawk command we use during our SSH session to compile the list.

Default Directory for files.txt:
/ (root)

Gawk Command:
find / -iname "*" -ls | sort -rn -k 7.1 | gawk 'BEGIN {OFS="\t"} {if ($7 > 20971520) print $7,$11 " " $12 " " $13 " " $14 " " $15 " " $16 " " $17 " " $18 " " $19 " " $20}' > files.txt

PuTTY (Installer) (Software)
WinSCP (Software)
OpenSSH (Cydia Package)
Core Utilities (Cydia Package)
Gawk (Cydia Package)
Jailbroken iPhone (Hardware)

  1. First, install PuTTY using the (putty-0.62-installer.exe) installer.
  2. Now open Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone and Queue Core Utilities, OpenSSH and Gawk. (To see them listed, make sure you are in "Developer" mode for Cydia, you can check this in: Cydia > Manage > Settings)
  3. Now you just want to install WinSCP.
  4. Next, open WinSCP and login (user: root, password: alpine) through SSH to your device (iPhone, iPad, etc, you need to enter your device's local ip address, something like 192.168.x.xx), click yes to any security warnings or key dialogs.
  5. After you connect to your device in WinSCP, goto the root directory of your device and then on the toolbar menu in WinSCP click the PuTTY icon (it looks like two terminals).
  6. You should now see the PuTTY terminal window open, it asks you to enter a password, enter alpine.
  7. Next copy the Gawk command in the red box above these instructions and right click in the terminal window to paste it, next hit enter.
  8. That command just executed and you will now find a text document named "files.txt" in the root of the device, give it about 3 minutes to finish processing the list, then download it to your computer and check out the list.
  9. The list will show you the largest items in order, you can edit the Gawk command to change what file size it looks for. (It is in bytes, so 20971520 is 20 megabytes when converted) (As a security measure, you may want to remove OpenSSH after this if you do not know how to use it)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SiriPort.ru on iPhone 4 or lower and Why You Should Avoid It

You have all seen the latest and supposedly greatest Siri port for the iPhone 4 and older devices, it is called SiriPort, which is obtained by the Russian website SiriPort.ru, I decided to write about this specific port because I wanted to inform possible Siri users to take heed of what you are actually going to do.

com.apple.assistant.plist in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences

SiriPort, once installed makes system modifications that can only be changed back upon a new restore, it includes an IMGSGX535DLDriver, it claims not to use Spire but that is false as it contains SpireInstaller and SpireRemover.

To top that off, you have to install a hacked security certificate from a foreign website, who in the world would install a security certificate from an unknown, unverifiable, or unaccountable source?

A hacked guzzoni.apple.com security certificate.

Siri may be a great feature nabbed by Apple at the last minute before the iPhone4S release, but a feature like this should not make you sacrifice your security and iOS system integrity.

The details you have, the location data, contacts, UDID and any other information; SiriPort.ru can collect it on their web server from you as soon as you give SiriPort a command, this can be a dangerous amount of specific information which could lead to future problems or possibly even privacy invasion.

If you can give up your right to security for an illegal port of a fractional feature, you might have a problem.

The creator of SiriPort.ru goes by the name of "gdimait" you can iMessage him at gdimaits [ at ] yahoo.com, in English you could call him Dmitriy Garitskiy.

The owners of SiriPort.ru not only have weak guides for how to get SiriPort to work correctly, but they also have threads on their forums telling people they can donate to get SiriPort to work. Now this might not have crossed your mind yet, but if so many people are having problems connecting to get an authentication token from their servers and try for days or weeks (this is what the guides say to do), they will eventually either give up or pay up, if they are desperate enough they will do the latter and that right there could be a ploy to get money off of this hacked feature.

SiriPort.ru donations for speedy processing of authentication.

When you install SiriPort from Cydia and then uninstall it later, it leaves many traces behind and changes integral areas of the iOS system, I recommend not using SiriPort.ru unless you are willing to wait months, pay money or sacrifice your security and system stability on your iOS device to a foreign entity unknown to you.

SiriPort.ru may cause Mobile Substrate problems.

SiriPort.ru leaves system files changed and damaged.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tlert Themes and Skins

New Tlert Skins and Themes for your iPhone, iPad, iPod

Download new Tlert themes and skins.

In an earlier post I mentioned Tlert, a great iOS App that lets you receive, reply and compose text messages and multimedia messages anywhere on the device without interrupting what you are doing or the bother of switching between the Messages App and your currently open App.

Since I have been using Tlert for quite a while, I decided to look for some new themes, intelliborn provides a few, but those were not really my taste and the Tlert forum was dead on ModMyI, so I decided to make and port my own themes and Tlert skin.

Below you will find the download link to colorful bubble themes and a new Tlert exit button skin, I put them in a hierarchy accordingly so all you have to do is drag and drop the "Tlert.app" folder into the "/Applications/" folder on the root of the device. You can preview the themes before adding them, play with the font colors to integrate it with whatever theme you use, these are very clean themes, I threw in a pink one too for any females out there.

Note: Drop the Tlert.app folder to this location:

Tlert (App)
iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (Hardware)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Change iPhone text sound, new mail sound, and UISounds (System Sounds) on iOS

Change the iPhone UI sounds with Audacity and Cyberduck.

Have you ever wanted to change the iPhone's default system sounds? Like when you check the Mail App and it downloads new mail you usually hear a ding, or perhaps the famous swoosh sound when sending a text, those are both iOS system sounds, or UISounds on your device.

This guide will show you how easy it is to make any of your audio files into a system sound you can upload to your device and use instead of the default ones.

Note: Always make sure to backup your default UISounds, either by renaming the extension to .bak or by saving them on your computer (SentMessage.caf is the swoosh sound after sending a text, new-mail.caf is the ding you hear when downloading new mail).

Default UISounds Directory:

Audacity (Software)
Cyberduck (Software)
QuickTime Player (Only to preview the .caf audio) (Software)
Jailbroken iPhone (Hardware)

  1. Find the audio file you want to use to replace a default system sound.
  2. Now open the file through Audacity.
  3. Export the file as AIFF (Apple) signed 16 bit PCM type and make sure you add .caf to the end of the file name and click save. A warning box will appear, click yes.
  4. Next, open Cyberduck and SSH into your iPhone or device to the default UISounds directory listed above.
  5. Once you are there, find the sound you want to replace, such as SentMessage.caf.
  6. Rename the original (the one on the device we're replacing) SentMessage.caf to SentMessage.caf.bak to backup the original sound.
  7. Finally, rename the sound you exported in Audacity to SentMessage.caf (It's cAsE SeNsItIvE).
  8. Lastly, upload the exported file to the default UISounds directory and respring your device.
  9. Repeat these steps for any other sounds you want to replace and profit.