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Friday, April 27, 2012

Tlert Themes and Skins

New Tlert Skins and Themes for your iPhone, iPad, iPod

Download new Tlert themes and skins.

In an earlier post I mentioned Tlert, a great iOS App that lets you receive, reply and compose text messages and multimedia messages anywhere on the device without interrupting what you are doing or the bother of switching between the Messages App and your currently open App.

Since I have been using Tlert for quite a while, I decided to look for some new themes, intelliborn provides a few, but those were not really my taste and the Tlert forum was dead on ModMyI, so I decided to make and port my own themes and Tlert skin.

Below you will find the download link to colorful bubble themes and a new Tlert exit button skin, I put them in a hierarchy accordingly so all you have to do is drag and drop the "Tlert.app" folder into the "/Applications/" folder on the root of the device. You can preview the themes before adding them, play with the font colors to integrate it with whatever theme you use, these are very clean themes, I threw in a pink one too for any females out there.

Note: Drop the Tlert.app folder to this location:

Tlert (App)
iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (Hardware)

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