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Thursday, May 3, 2012

SiriPort.ru on iPhone 4 or lower and Why You Should Avoid It

You have all seen the latest and supposedly greatest Siri port for the iPhone 4 and older devices, it is called SiriPort, which is obtained by the Russian website SiriPort.ru, I decided to write about this specific port because I wanted to inform possible Siri users to take heed of what you are actually going to do.

com.apple.assistant.plist in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences

SiriPort, once installed makes system modifications that can only be changed back upon a new restore, it includes an IMGSGX535DLDriver, it claims not to use Spire but that is false as it contains SpireInstaller and SpireRemover.

To top that off, you have to install a hacked security certificate from a foreign website, who in the world would install a security certificate from an unknown, unverifiable, or unaccountable source?

A hacked guzzoni.apple.com security certificate.

Siri may be a great feature nabbed by Apple at the last minute before the iPhone4S release, but a feature like this should not make you sacrifice your security and iOS system integrity.

The details you have, the location data, contacts, UDID and any other information; SiriPort.ru can collect it on their web server from you as soon as you give SiriPort a command, this can be a dangerous amount of specific information which could lead to future problems or possibly even privacy invasion.

If you can give up your right to security for an illegal port of a fractional feature, you might have a problem.

The creator of SiriPort.ru goes by the name of "gdimait" you can iMessage him at gdimaits [ at ] yahoo.com, in English you could call him Dmitriy Garitskiy.

The owners of SiriPort.ru not only have weak guides for how to get SiriPort to work correctly, but they also have threads on their forums telling people they can donate to get SiriPort to work. Now this might not have crossed your mind yet, but if so many people are having problems connecting to get an authentication token from their servers and try for days or weeks (this is what the guides say to do), they will eventually either give up or pay up, if they are desperate enough they will do the latter and that right there could be a ploy to get money off of this hacked feature.

SiriPort.ru donations for speedy processing of authentication.

When you install SiriPort from Cydia and then uninstall it later, it leaves many traces behind and changes integral areas of the iOS system, I recommend not using SiriPort.ru unless you are willing to wait months, pay money or sacrifice your security and system stability on your iOS device to a foreign entity unknown to you.

SiriPort.ru may cause Mobile Substrate problems.

SiriPort.ru leaves system files changed and damaged.


  1. This is not safe! I have a Mac and after I installed this and rebooted tethered, I could not turn on my computer. Luckily I had a time machine backup.

  2. mimimi i'm a fuckin fagget and would like to be buttfucked by steve jobs dead dick believing in his apple security. Why don't you shove the security of the iphone up on your arse?

  3. You guys quit bitching and moaning and whining, I installed this siriport and its working completely well,Apple only wants to take your money trying to make you upgrade to a 4S. Privacy? Unless youre a politician or some high profile person you shouldnt even be worried AT ALL, Now dont be a dumbfuck and tell Siri your SS# or your credit card info either...stupid fucks!