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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Change iPhone text sound, new mail sound, and UISounds (System Sounds) on iOS

Change the iPhone UI sounds with Audacity and Cyberduck.

Have you ever wanted to change the iPhone's default system sounds? Like when you check the Mail App and it downloads new mail you usually hear a ding, or perhaps the famous swoosh sound when sending a text, those are both iOS system sounds, or UISounds on your device.

This guide will show you how easy it is to make any of your audio files into a system sound you can upload to your device and use instead of the default ones.

Note: Always make sure to backup your default UISounds, either by renaming the extension to .bak or by saving them on your computer (SentMessage.caf is the swoosh sound after sending a text, new-mail.caf is the ding you hear when downloading new mail).

Default UISounds Directory:

Audacity (Software)
Cyberduck (Software)
QuickTime Player (Only to preview the .caf audio) (Software)
Jailbroken iPhone (Hardware)

  1. Find the audio file you want to use to replace a default system sound.
  2. Now open the file through Audacity.
  3. Export the file as AIFF (Apple) signed 16 bit PCM type and make sure you add .caf to the end of the file name and click save. A warning box will appear, click yes.
  4. Next, open Cyberduck and SSH into your iPhone or device to the default UISounds directory listed above.
  5. Once you are there, find the sound you want to replace, such as SentMessage.caf.
  6. Rename the original (the one on the device we're replacing) SentMessage.caf to SentMessage.caf.bak to backup the original sound.
  7. Finally, rename the sound you exported in Audacity to SentMessage.caf (It's cAsE SeNsItIvE).
  8. Lastly, upload the exported file to the default UISounds directory and respring your device.
  9. Repeat these steps for any other sounds you want to replace and profit.

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