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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Windows Phone 7 Stock Sounds Ringtones, Alerts, Alarms and Notifications Download

Windows Phone 7 Sounds Stock and iPhone formats

Ever since I previewed the Windows Phone 7 OS through a friend, I was intrigued, being an iPhone user on iOS 5.1.1. I liked the appeal of the Windows Phone 7 GUI, I feel like the functionality still has a long way to go before I truly decide to use it over the iPhone, the interface is great though. You won't really find these audio files anywhere at this time. I looked into the Windows Phone 7 SDK and I own a copy of the mobile OS, I decided I would make myself these backups in the cloud.

These files are respectively copyrighted by their creators, authors, and composers. I have not modified them in any way so they are completely stock and legitimate. I will have to say, that one of the main features that Windows Phone 7 OS brings to the table is use of audio, the sounds are unique and are much more simplistic yet elegant to the ears. Check them out, maybe you'll be convinced to pick up a copy of Windows Phone 7 today.

Note: The first link has the default formats provided in the Stock WP7 ROM and in the second link there is the M4R versions for use in iTunes under Tones.

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