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Sunday, November 13, 2011

iPod App Crashes, iPhone & iPod

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The Issue
Some mp3s synced through iTunes that did not originate from the iTunes store causes iPod.app to crash within iOS 4+, usually every time you hit "Shuffle" within the iPod App, it will crash.

I too have been having this issue, I use something called Replay Media Catcher 4 when I listen to premium streaming music or podcasts, it does a great job catching streams. Although, it tags some files, I am assuming that some of the tagging corrupts the database in iTunes so that my iPhone cannot play some of the tagged files (I know it is the tagging or default encoding of the file because I have tested it by converting files from mp3 to m4a and the latter doesn't crash the iPod App).

You could just convert the files to m4a or whichever format you like that your device supports playback of, but that is a lengthy and ridiculous process and will inevitability lead to audio quality loss.

  1. Disable spotlight search for audio files, including podcasts, etc.
  2. Browse to /private/var/mobile/Media/
  3. You should see "com.apple.dbaccess.lock", delete that file and if you see anything such as iTunesDB or similar, delete that as well, do not delete anything with "lock" or "sync" in the name as these are important files.
  4. In the same directory there is a directory named "iTunes_Control" go into that directory.
  5. Ignore the "Music", "Ringtones" directories. (Do not modify their contents)
  6. This is where you can figure out the rest, there is an "iTunes" and "Artwork" directory.
  7. Go into "Artwork" and delete all files and folders within it.
  8. Go back and enter "iTunes", you'll see plists, delete whichever one has anything to do with databases.
  9. Enter "iTunes Library.itlp" and delete anything that has to do with iTunes/Music databases here too. (Note "Library.itdb" is ok to have)
  10. There is another directory within this one called "DBTemp", delete whatever is in it.
  11. Hard Reboot.
  12. Profit. (If you re-sync, there's nothing to worry about)

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