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Sunday, November 20, 2011

iAP Cracker: Free In-App Purchases

Free In-App Purchases on jail-broken devices.

In-App Purchases are now free for those with jail-broken devices, ever wondered how you could beat a game that had In-App Purchases? Maybe you didn't want to waste your hard earned money on extras, or you just didn't want to spend an eternity trying to come up with gold coins. Now there's actually an easy solution to fix your problem; it enables you to progress in any game or app that allows you to do In-App Purchases. (Not every app, but a majority of them, here's a list, you can try apps not on the list, many of them may work)

Note: If you're looking to test this on some randoms apps, a simple Google™ search should do the trick, just click here. This simple search uses Google™ search operators, here's what it looks like:
site:"itunes.apple.com" intitle:"App Store" intext:"Top In-App Purchases"

Don't let the name fool you, this is not a crack or anything of the sort, it's a Mobile Substrate Addon (11kb), it was written and developed by urus, it's called iAP Cracker.

The latest version is 0.5-1 (it works on iOS 4 & 5), there's links below where you may be able to find the .deb file and install it through iFile or however you choose to. You can also search for it on Cydia, it should be in the Banned iPhone repository. Now you can buy all the coins in Dark Meadow™ or Unlock the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds™. This also makes Nadis Lai's Game Mod add-ons useless for a majority of games which implement IAP, iAP Cracker is free, his stuff isn't.


  1. Pls help I finally install from your link but failed to open frm iPad, pls help?

  2. does this work on the new ios 5.0.1?

  3. @britneybitch

    Do you have iFile installed? You can try installing it through iFile, find iFile in Cydia, just find the deb with iFile and click on it to install it. You can even find iAP Cracker 5.0-1 in Cydia too, in the xSellize repo.


    This works for iOS 5.0.1 as well :)

  4. how you even get the file on the ipod beats me,

  5. Hi,

    Thanks so much for developing the addon. I've been trying to get it to work for The Economist for iphone app, but when i turn it on, the download always get an error. Can you help? I can be reached at neobud18@yahoo.com. Thank you once again!!!

  6. I've used IAP Cracker sparingly and came across a great magazine app. The app allows In-App purchases for previous magazines. I tried out the free sample and thought it was pretty good. Not convinced I wanted to tryout an older specific issue with IAP Cracker. Now previous issue says "purchased" but won't download giving an "error during download due to file missing."

    Now I want to buy this issue regardless through Itunes but app says "purchased" and won't download. Deleting the original app doesn't do anything since re-downloading it brings up the same "purchased" magazine. These IAP cracker purchases/history must be stored somewhere in the ipad file system. Can I reset this "purchased" action through editing or deleting a list/file in ifile? I've tried deleting the app folder through ifile but the "purchased" memory still shows up when re-installing too.

    Thanks for any advice and amazing add-on!

  7. It isn't working on ghost trick...! I keeps asking me for my apple ID, I unistall and install several times even from diferent sources, What am I doing wrong?

  8. Do you need to enable "in app purchase"?
    There does not seem to be a proper step-by-step guide in using this.

    I am afraid of even trying as I worry that it might end up billing me for it.

  9. Does anyone have a mirror download link for the new version? 0.6

  10. @Screaming Mantys and @Anonymous
    In order to use this you have to enable the iAP Cracker toggle in SBSettings, it's under more > set window toggles.

    In order to delete the folder settings so you can buy the actual magazine, you need install the App you used to get the magazine and then open SBSettings and go to App Folders, locate the magazine App folder from there and find the magazines there and delete them. It should work then and if it doesn't, the magazine App developers might have blacklisted your device. Apple doesn't black list any devices for this.

  11. i cant get it to work with dark meadows the pact, any idea what i can do

  12. I downloaded iAP cracker before and got lots of smurfberries…and I deleted iAP cracker I downloaded it again when I needed it…it works …(i restored my iPad)now it doesn't work,I installed it and reinstalled it ...it doesn't work…how can I fix it??

  13. I purchased something which is not on the list but apple id wasnt signed in..is that safe

  14. What happens if you want to download an app legally by logging in in the app store? Will it make me pay the in app pucharses?

  15. the iap was working and later it stopped. Any casuses for this kind of situation?