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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Porn Folder for Windows 7

Lock your Windows folders natively!

If you like to keep your personal things private, then this is for you.
I've created a batch file (.bat) that will change access permissions of a folder of your choosing.

Simply run an installer, edit 2 lines and execute the script, couldn't be easier than that could it?

The neat thing about this is it doesn't hide your folder and you don't have to rely on some pesky program to load and lock and unlock things because this script takes advantage of Windows 7's built-in security and permission editing on the fly, unless you live in a household full of computer geniuses or something, you won't have to worry about anyone getting access to the folder.

  1. Download the provided archive (.zip file)
  2. Run subinacl.msi and install it.
  3. Update directory path on lines 206 and 215 of runthis.bat.
  4. Execute runthis.bat.

Note: I have included two registry keys which activate or deactivate the security tab on the properties of an object, disabling the security tab adds much more security and will make it nearly impossible to regain rights to that folder without technical know-how, these of course are optional.

What is SubInACL?
SubInACL is a Mircosoft utlity to add command line perimeters to modify permissions of directories and what not, more info here http://bit.ly/owji5w.
Can someone delete the folder?
They cannot delete the folder after you have protected it, only when it's accessible.
Can they rename the folder?
They can't do anything to the folder unless it's unlocked.
Does this lock the folder or just hide it?
This does not hide the folder, it locks it completely you can't even open it!
Is this safe?
Yes, this is completely safe, nothing to modify but the folder itself.

Additional Information
It is a good idea to change the folder's icon so that it will not display thumbnails. You can do this by right clicking the folder and clicking the customize tab and then selecting change icon.

1 comment:

  1. Where can I download this zip-file? Does someone still have it? THNX