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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Add music to your iPhone without syncing via PwnTunes

Now you don't have to sync with iTunes to add music to your iDevice!

After having many Apps installed and using more than one computer, something finally hit a nerve and I said, there has to be a solution to this whole syncing problem; my answer was PwnTunes. I don't think I have to get too technical today, but let me explain a few things first...

Lets say you have over 40 or more Apps and you remove or download more at a later date and then have over 60 Apps, lets also say you had some music on your first sync too, but since that date (maybe a month, maybe weeks) you haven't synced with iTunes. Now, it is no longer a casual sync, it is a task, because it will take you anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to verify, sync and import the newly downloaded Apps to iTunes from your device, vice versa.

If you are a busy person and on the move quite often, you really don't have that extra time to dedicate to syncing every few days, do you? I like to go to the gym when I have spare time and I need new music, my music library is always growing and syncing can be bothersome.

PwnTunes also supports importing files such as MP3s to your iPod App by downloading them with Safari Download Manager (a cydia tweak) and moving them to the "My Music" folder with an App such as iFile. The same process can be done for importing images into the Photos App. You can even add music from another computer without having to delete your music library (like with iTunes syncing), did I mention you can export your music files too? Yeah, even your purchased songs.

Next time all you have to do is grab your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and just connect it to your computer with your usb cord or wirelessly through SSH, it's as simple as dragging the new music into a folder when connected and you can listen to it through the iPod App on your device next time you hit the gym, no more lengthy iTunes syncing! You will need to have "PwnTunes" installed, you can find it on Cydia in the BigBoss repository, it is developed and maintained by SpiritOfLogic. With over 800,000 downloads since conception, we have a real keeper here.

PwnTunes is the only tweak and Cydia App that can successfully import your new music files through drag and drop interface, natively from your operating system, who doesn't like the sound of that? No more checking if you synced the right Apps or that you backed up the right things, just drag and drop and open up the iPod App and you're good to go with the new music, nothing else gets changed!

The developer of this wonderful piece of software has been hard at work to make this a reality, with multiple changes, updates, and rewrites all to keep up with the way Apple implements their code. That's a lot of work for these features and it is well worth the one time purchase price of $12.99 USD.

Note: On behalf of PwnTunes, the developer and TechImperial.com would like to give away 3 free product licenses, any three creative tweets between 03/05/12 through 03/31/12 mentioning "@pwntunes #cydia" will be awarded the licenses!

PwnTunes (App)
iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (Hardware)


  1. I wonder if this pwntunes license giveway contest pushed through and when will the winners be picked.

  2. Has anyone entered this promotion and won already?

    1. I hope the author takes time to fulfill the contest pronouncement.

  3. Any update on this?

  4. Had to make last minute changes here, the Twitter search API seems to have been updated and I can no longer grab the tweets how I intended.

    So to make things fair, the first three people to post a link to this post on a blog, website or forum will get the licenses. (Show proof on this page in the comments section).

    You must have the word "PwnTunes" somewhere with the post and it has to be at least a sentence long, please don't just spam a random website otherwise you will not win the product license.

    Thanks for participating!

    Post a link showing where you linked to this post and I will verify it and award you the license. Make sure you post your e-mail (email[@]address.com) and your Cydia account number (#3325475) (http://bit.ly/IG6ycJ) along with your post in the comments section here.

    Due date is 4/30/2012.

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  10. Whoa free Pwntunes licenses! I'd like to submit my entry too and I hope I win! Here's my info:

    random.ic3@gmail.com, Cydia Acct# 3977440; Link back to this blog: http://bit.ly/JuoZ6c

    **Note: I had to make a couple of edits as the earlier posts that I made into forums were deleted.

  11. Hi. I really like pwntunes and it's the only app that can rid off the bothersome task of syncing with pc/mac thru itunes each time I need to make changes to my music collection. Thanks for this free license promo which I'm officially joining :)

    Email: RchardLo@gmail.com
    Cydia Account #2425130
    Link to post: http://bit.ly/IaYfYR

  12. m.chan.yee[at]gmail.com
    Cydia account: 1105439
    Link to post: http://bit.ly/JhPxWs


  13. Here's mine:
    (Cydia Account #3980791)
    Link: http://tinyurl.com/7hmwety

  14. Thanks for participating everyone! The licenses have been granted to the winners.