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Saturday, January 7, 2012

NDAA Activists Arrested in Grand Central Terminal

Yesterday, January 6th 2012, there was a protest in Grand Central Terminal against the National Defense Authorization Act which contains an amendment authorizing the military to detain American citizens indefinitely without due process, current US president Barack Hussein Obama signed this bill, it is written to allow the detention of US citizens domestically and abroad as well as foreigners, without trial.

In the video you can see protesters shouting about the NDAA bill and attempting to inform commuters at Grand Central Terminal, an educational move on their behalf. The first person to be arrested for speaking out was Lauren Digioia, the police drag her away from the scene shoving everyone in their way, everyone goes silent, not sure of what they should do next...

Shortly after Lauren was removed, a man named Zach Kamel, raised his voice, along with other protesters, to express their outrage against the arrest of Lauren for exercising her first amendment right, quickly after he starts to speak out about what has just occurred he too is arrested and taken away from the scene. I believe this is what you would call a police state, where you cannot speak up or speak out about certain policies in large numbers within a group, the leaders and the voices of the people who have the courage to speak out in public are targeted and shut up by force.

I understand the need to keep certain military affairs under wraps, but this is public knowledge which is law, why would these folks be persecuted for speaking about it?

America is speaking out and this is how they are greeted, who's next?

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