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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Geohot Hacks Sony's PlayStation 3

Notoriously known by AT&T as the first successful iPhone hacker who managed to unlock the iPhone is at it again, George Hotz (geohot) has been causing a commotion in the PlaySation3 scene with his blog (http://geohotps3.blogspot.com) dating back to December of 2009. The blog itself is more of a timetable of George's progress towards successfully hacking the PlayStation3 and describing it thoroughly with details big or small. His adventure into the secured system has finally paid off, Geohot has managed to find a way to exploit the system and trick it to execute arbitrary code.

You can read more about his finding at his blog.

Although there is skepticism among the PS3 hacking scene as one blogger writes about his exploit having nothing to do with hacking the PlayStation3 at this blog (http://streetskaterfu.blogspot.com). It's up to you to figure out if you believe it or not; the hack is currently not for the average Joe, you will need to know some programmatic knowledge.

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