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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Your Life in Moderation

This is a post I haven't written for a long time now, I didn't understand it all at first but here goes nothing...

People tend to think "I have to be", "I want to be", "If I don't..", "I'm not sure" those are some of life's general insecure thoughts. If you have never felt this way at all you are not human. I have given a lot of thought and have done a lot of reading; in general in my opinion our thoughts are controlled by society and media. I see there is need for more; simply living in America can't always be the best... "could it"?

Investigating the human mind is such a critical and theoretical study. Not only can't you be too sure; but there's a lot going against your evidence. No one truly understands the human mind and the entirety of the thought process. The soul in general is something one cannot understand completely because it's unique for everyone.

Not only is it hyperbole but much of America is fixed on the needs to provide; provide what? Provide everything, many want to be perfect; to achieve success, to be great, known, historical in some. The truth is; the brainwashing of the media, the un-truthful reporting of the media, the bullshit in politics, the corruption, the human soul and mind...

It's all unpredictable.

When one ventures into a lion's den; the lion kills. Not by thought or idea or even persuasion, but by instinct.

When one lies, it's by thought, by idea, the person has given life to the action and a little bit of it is instinct to survive, to protect.

To protect what? It could range from self image to family. It's important to know the way America is being influenced in today's modern age.

Is there a way to know if your life has been affected by such effects?
Yes. Do you find yourself asking all those questions? Do you feel too proud to admit such feelings? Have you dreamed of having everything? Do you wish you could be like another person? Are you a fan of another?

More to come...

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